Team Jacko vs The Inferno

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This August, SUPPORT OUR PARAS Chief Executive, Andy Jackson, will take on the Inferno Half Marathon with his son, Ben to raise money for the charity. This race follows the same route as the world famous Inferno ski race…only in reverse and uphill!

This gruelling race starts in the bottom of the epic Lauterbrunnen valley and climbs relentlessly upwards to the top of the Schilthorn, whose cable car station was made famous as Blofeld’s mountain-top lair in the James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and which sits at a top altitude of almost 3000m (10000ft) above sea level.

Jacko says, “It’s a race which I have long aspired to have a crack at but life in the Reg always seemed to find a way to conspire to make me need to knock it on for another year. So great to be now finally getting the chance.

“I definitely won’t be as quick up the mountain as I would have been a few years back and my thoughts back in the day of doing it with a bergan are now a very definite no go! However, running the event now means that I am able to do it for a more positive reason, to raise some cash for SUPPORT OUR PARAS, and I am also now very pleased to be able to do it with my son Ben alongside – or at least to start alongside him, as I have no doubt that he will be finishing it well ahead of me!”

We’ll be tracking their journey on social media and would welcome any support towards their incredible fundraising target. Simply visit

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