Team Jacko – post race update

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On Saturday 17 August, our CEO ‘Jacko’ and his son Ben completed the Inferno Half Marathon in a respectable 3:37. This impressive result put them safely in the top half of the finishers in the men’s race and gusting top third overall.

After the event, Jacko recalled, “It was a fairly daunting start to the race as the first third of the course towered directly above us for straight 1000m up to the first check point at the 7km mark but just as well that we couldn’t also see the rest of the course as it only got worse from there and the top third was truly vertiginous. However, a bit of Reg grit, fear of failure and the thought of letting our supporters down kept us powering on through and I am delighted to be able to say that the race was completed successfully in good style.
Team Jacko were raising money for SUPPORT OUR PARAS and have raised an incredible £4,985 at the last count.
Jacko added, “One last huge thank you to everybody who helped and donated, you are all true Reg-supporting Legends. One last big shout out too to a certain tall Dutch friend who, 36 hours before race day, and after one too many whiskies, offered to donate a four-figure sum if we could both break the 4 hour mark – to be fair to him, I didn’t look at that point like a guy who might manage it, so it must have seemed like a fair bet! True respect to him for making good on that wager in the cold light of day. Every penny will directly and immediately benefit our awesome serving Reg troopers, their families, and our esteemed ‘old and bold’ Airborne veterans.”

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