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SUPPORT OUR PARAS is pleased to announce a new agreement with Barclays to fund the transitional support of soldiers into new employment after leaving the Parachute Regiment. This funding leads directly to new employability, enterprise and financial skills for soldiers which will sustain a successful new civilian life.

Lt Colonel Bruce Radbourne, Regimental Lt Colonel of the Parachute Regiment said:

BAR_Landscape_2C_V“We are delighted to receive Barclays’ support in this crucial area of our charity’s work. This welcome commitment to the welfare of the Regiment’s soldiers is part of a four year programme under the pioneering citizenship initiative of Barclays Armed Forces Transition, Employment and Resettlement Programme (the “AFTER Programme”).

Our Transition and Welfare Team assist those Parachute Regiment soldiers who have been injured or become ill as a result of their service, either on operations in Afghanistan and other conflicts, or through the Regiment’s demanding training programme and military parachuting. The aim is to ensure that those transitioning to civilian life through Medical Discharge are able to enter employment, education or training appropriate to their physical and mental condition, ability and potential.”

The Regiment’s Transition and Welfare Cell works with each individual and ensures that they receive the correct guidance and advice on their chosen next career.  The process is led, deliberately, by the veteran as this encourages motivation and self confidence and also prepares the individual for the realities of the civilian employment world.  In order to attract funding for training or education the veteran’s employment choice must meet the following criteria:

– The career choice must be within the physical and mental capabilities of the individual, not just now but as they get older.

– It must be appropriate and realistic (skills and potential).

– The veteran must be able to demonstrate through research that the career choice is in demand in the area in which they wish to settle and that it can provide a good standard of living.

These criteria ensure:

– That the individual does not waste the funding available and reduces their risk of becoming unemployed or unskilled, thus preventing them from re-entering the welfare chain in the future.

– Demonstrates that funding from external partners is used effectively and with good governance.

SUPPORT OUR PARAS is a charity (1131977) which supports The Parachute Regiment through the welfare of serving soldiers and families and those affected by recent operations, and through the maintenance of its regimental efficiency, ethos, spirit and heritage.

For more information: Laura McPhilemy Regimental Welfare Officer 01206 81 7102 or Stephen Cooper, Charity Director 07946 531139

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