Red Devils Tandem Sky Dives

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Are you feeling brave? Want the experience of a lifetime? Think you have what it takes? Then we need you!

Experience the adrenaline rush of tandem skydiving with the best in the business and raise money for us at the same time! If you’re always wanted to do a sky dive what better way than with the Red Devils. We have added a new date to our sky dive days…

Day 1:

Date: Tuesday 02 August 2016
Location: Langar Airfield, Nottingham

Day 2 *New Date*:

Date: Wednesday 24 August 2016
Location: Old Sarum, Near Salisbury, Wiltshire


£100 deposit paid via Click and Jump and then raise a minimum of £500. Create a page on Virgin Money Giving (the balance cost of your jump, £199, can be taken out of your sponsorship money if you raise the minimum of £500). You MUST reach the fundraising target before you jump.

See the Information Sheet for more detailed information:
Support our Paras Red Devils 2016 info sheet
Medical Declaration Form:

If you are able to sign and self-declare, you should complete and bring form 115A with you on the day.
2 Form-115A-Student-Tandem-Medical-Information-and-Declaration-2016

If you are unable to sign form 115A based upon the statements made you will need to print form 115B and obtain suitable medical advice.

2a Form-115B-Student-Tandem-Medical-Advice-Form-2016

Booking and more information:

To book your place please visit or telephone: 0845 6088844.

For more information contact

A message from Click and Jump
As of 11 April our governing body The British Parachute Association have introduced two forms (above) to replace the original tandem fitness form.  The 40+ age limit has been removed for mandatory medicals for tandem jumpers and your ability to take part in a tandem jump is now solely based on your medical history.

The following information supersedes the age restriction information:

You should read the BPA Fitness form 115a as soon as possible – if having read all the statements you are unable to declare yourself fit to jump and sign this form, then you will need to take Form 115B to your doctor to be signed and bring this along with you on the day of your jump.

If you have already had the old BPA Form 115 signed by your doctor this form will be valid until the stated expiry date so there is no need to replace an existing form.

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