Pilgrim Vizsla 2021 Fundraiser

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Jon Fletcher and his Hungarian Vizsla, Belle, will be running/tabbing 1,200 miles in 2021 to raise money for SUPPORT OUR PARAS.

Jon says, “A recent change of career (which has helped both mentally, medically & personal) has given me time to concentrate on what I do best with my dogs – long distance Mountain running / Tabbing.

“We are lucky during lockdown that we live in an area of South Wales that we can go onto trails straight from our front door to train. If and when lockdown ends, we will hit National Trails and if events ever do continue during 2021 then as part of events.”

Although Jon will mainly be running with Belle, he has a four dog team that will assist when Belle is having a day off. Meet the team:

Otto, Yogi, Ode and Belle

Belle – 19 months old and small for a Vizsla (she was the runt of the litter) but hard as nails and is an all weather dog.

Ode – 4.5 year old Hungarian Vizsla with one eye.  Muscles of the Team and Belle’s older half-brother. Works better in warmer climate and is a tank going up hills & mountains.

Yogi  – 7 year old Husky. Plant pot, a bit of a bluffer and works better in colder weather.

Otto – 12 year old Husky and Senior Tom. Seen it all and only puts a minimal amount in now due to his age but still has it mentally. Works well in all weathers.

You can follow their progress on Facebook, Instagram and Strava. To help them reach their target, you can donate via their fundraising page Pilgrim Vizsla is fundraising for SUPPORT OUR PARAS (justgiving.com)

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