Nick Thorogood

Career Transition Officer

Nick joined The Parachute Regiment at the age of twenty and served for 24 years between 1998 & 2022. Within this period Nick served with 1st, 3rd and 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment. During his time in the military he took part in operational duties in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as various training exercises around the world.

Nick’s last few years in the Army saw him work within the 3 PARA welfare team helping and supporting soldiers and their families. On leaving the military, Nick began working for the Charity as the Career Transition Officer.

The Career Transition Officer is there to help and support those leaving The Parachute Regiment, the main aim is to assist in a successful transition into civilian life as well as supporting service leavers once they have left, when needed.

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