Col John Power QVRM TD


BSc(Hons) BA(Hons) LLB(Hons) CDipAF MBA


John Power spent 38 years in the Parachute Regiment Reserves with a succession of command and staff posts in 10 PARA, 15 (Scottish) PARA, Defence Intelligence, DG Doctrine, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and HQ London. Active service was terminated by injury on his final jump, claiming by then in his 60th year to be the oldest man still in date for military parachuting. In the day job, he spent 20 years in industry, running Rolls Royce & Hawker Siddeley companies in UK & USA, followed by 20 years in Government Service with a wide variety of top MOD SCS/Director posts, with extensive worldwide travel and postings throughout, including long operational tours in Bosnia and Sierra Leone. Of particular relevance to PRAFC, he was the Finance Director at the top centre of MOD. He is a graduate of RCDS, HCSC and NATO, inter alia.

Post retirement, he continues with non-executive appointments on various MOD, NHS and other Boards and is much involved with City Livery, Rotary, Probus, Round Table/41 and other charities. Regimental activities include representation on Normandy Museum Boards and President of local PRA.