PARAS’10 in 2015

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Public take on Paras' fitness challenge

The PARAS’10 is a great way to SUPPORT OUR PARAS in 2015. Events at Colchester 4 July and Catterick 6 September. Run it or ‘tab’ the 10 miles the Para way in boots and 35lb Bergen.  Enter as an individual or Teams of 4 welcome to either run or tab –  best 3 times count.

All proceeds go to SUPPORT OUR PARAS but the real magic happens when you raise funds for us – it’s a real ‘force multiplier’.

You can of course run for your own charity choice, but we would love it if you can raise funds for us.

There’s tons for the family to do while you run; at Colchester the race will be embedded in the FREE Colchester Garrison Show, so bring all your family and friends

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