PARAS’10 Falklands

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Merville Barracks is rather quiet at the moment as the majority of 3 PARA are away on exercise in a variety of locations. One of those locations is The Falkland Islands, where A Coy deployed almost two months ago.

Not content with just going on exercise, A Coy decided they wanted to take PARAS’10 back to the Falklands, two years after the inaugural race when 3 PARA were last out there in 2017.

At the end of June, A Coy held their own PARAS’10 with finisher t-shirts and medals like every other race, and raising money for their Regimental Charity. You can sponsor them here

Tabbing through the snow – A Coy 3 PARA during the PARAS’10 Falklands 2019

Their aim was to raise £5,000 which will go towards supporting their brothers and their families when they are in times of need, but they need your help to make that target a reality.

This event was the second international PARAS’10 this year and the third 2019 race. The first was held in Kabul, where 3 PARA were deployed earlier this year and the second was our regular Colchester event, which saw record numbers attend.

If you’d like to test yourself against The Parachute Regiment standards, you can join us at our Catterick event this September. For more information or to sign up, please visit

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