PARAS’10 Catterick

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PARAS’10 Catterick took place on Saturday 30 September this year; our first live race following the cancellation of our Colchester race earlier in the year. Jacko, our CEO, and Natalie, our Head of Fundraising, made the journey to Catterick in order to facilitate the day alongside the staff and recruits from P Company.

The event was a great success and there were over 500 people with us on the ground that day. Our PARAS’2 for Kids took place before the main race, with 16 children taking on the 2-mile course before being presented with their medals and trophies for the winners.

Scott gets a helping hand up one of the many hills on the course

At 1050hrs, entrants were called forward to get ready for the off, and at 1100hrs our runners set off. They were followed closely afterwards by our tabbers. As well as offering entrants the chance to TAB these events (carrying a 35lb bergan like our soldiers), we also offer them the added challenge to do it in under 1hr 50, which is the P Company cut off time for all recruits during training. A number of them take this on and we are very grateful to the P Company pacer who acts as a marker for those wishing to achieve this.

It was wonderful to see so many returning entrants, as well as a number of new faces as well. We were particularly pleased to welcome back Scott Meenagh and Stu Pearson, both Parachute Regiment veterans, and Airborne Gunner, Ben Parkinson. These three men were all injured in Afghanistan during their service and have done amazing things post injury; it’s always a privilege to have them join us.

Members of the Durham PRA stood ready to greet our finishers and present them with their medal

As usual, we were very grateful to have the support of the wonderful men from the Durham branch of The Parachute Regimental Association, who handed out medals to everyone who crossed the finish line; this is always appreciated by our entrants as well.

We are working on dates for our 2024 race, and hope to be able to announce these soon. If you’d like more information about PARAS’10 and what it’s all about, simply visit to find out more.

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