Paddy’s 650th Guinness Fitness Strength Record

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On 11 May 2019, ex-PARA Paddy Doyle will be attempting his 650th career Fitness Endurance Challenge and World Record.

The challenge will include:

  • 10km Mountain Bike
  • 10km Cross Country Speed March
  • 5 minutes non-stop weight carrying solid rock 65lb 20 feet distance
  • 5 minutes non-stop step ups on a 15 inch bench carrying 40lb back pack

The four events are classed as one fitness strength challenge record.

Paddy is hoping to raise some funds for his regimental charity with his next challenge. You can support his attempt at

Paddy is a former member of 2 PARA and since leaving the regiment he has turned his athletic energy into beating strength speed stamina boxing martial arts records. His first fitness endurance record was in May 1987 and he has continued to break records since then.

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