Nick Shorter’s Endure24 Challenge

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Nick competed in Endure24, with the event running from 12 noon 11th June to 12 noon 12th June. Endure24 is a 24 hour endurance event consisting of a five mile loop on tracks through the Wasing Wood Forest near Aldermaston, in teams of either eight, five, pairs or solo.

Here’s Nick’s ‘race report’ from the event…

Nick Shorter - Endure 24 June 16

I competed as a solo, but in full 10 miler kit, bergan with 35lbs + water, jungle boots and combats. I appeared to be the only one dressed like this, so attracted a lot amount of attention and generous support from my fellow runners. I had no idea of how far I’d make in the time, but as a 46 year old has-been with little (no) proper training I doubted I’d make the coveted 100 miles.

The first 15 miles were simple and humid, then I stopped for 1/2 a cold pizza and never really recovered my nutritional composure after that. Living off nut bars and gels I managed to scrape through to 45 miles by 0330 then the lack of proper food took it’s toll and wisdom from my advancing years told me to stop, eat something hot and rest to stop the constant nausea. Reveille at 0700 allowed another five hours of relentless progress. By now my pace was a slow walk (yomp!), so eventually I crossed the finish line having completed 12 laps and 60 miles. Classic bergan burns on my back, blistered ankles but glad I hadn’t quit. I finished 78 out of 123 male soloists. I met many old soldiers and spread the word about the charity, a few spoke to me about PTSD through the night and it made the task all the more important.

I’ll return next year, a year older but better prepared and I’ll crack the 75 miles. I suspect teams from each Para Battalion challenging each other would raise a good sum.  Any takers?

Support our Paras would like to congratulate Nick on his amazing achievement! He has so far raised £1,157.00 for the charity. If you’d like to show your support please visit:

For information about Endure24 2017 please visit:

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