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New book from Para veteran supports us

Reg Curtis book coverA new book by a veteran original Para will help to support his modern day equivalent. The charity will receive the profits from sales. You can buy copies online.

When Reg Curtis enlisted with the Grenadier Guards in 1937, little did he know that two years later Britain would be plunged into the Second World War. Reg found himself fighting for King and Country in France and Belgium as part of the British Expeditionary Force and along with 300,000 other men was evacuated from Dunkirk in May 1940. Winston Churchill called for a new type of fighting soldier and Reg volunteered for commando and parachute training, one of the first 500 men who formed No. 2 Commando, later renamed the 11th SAS Battalion.

The training was intense and the techniques new and as yet untried. By the time they saw action the Battalion had again been renamed, and this time the name would stick: The 1st Parachute Battalion.

At Arnhem, in September 1944, Reg was shot and lay on his back as the battle raged around him for six days and nights. He was taken prisoner and his right leg amputated.

You will never hear these men speak of heroism, except when referring to the medics who tended them or the many brave civilians they met. But to the rest of us they are heroes of the highest rank, and Reg Curtis is one among them.

Our thanks go to Reg, to Geoffrey Holland and Pilots Publishing.

Former Para walks the Nile. C4 TV

On Channel 4 at 2100 Sunday 4 January, ‘Walking the Nile, features former 3 PARA officer Levison Wood.

Since visiting Africa as a child Lev’s been obsessed by this vast continent and dreamt of exploring it. ‘Walking The Nile’ was the most ambitious and daring expedition he could think up – a world first that would take him through rainforests, deserts, cities and war zones in some of the most spectacular locations on earth.Picture of Levison Wood

With a degree in History, Lev set off on a number of journeys along the Silk Road, before returning home to join the Parachute Regiment, serving in Afghnistan. In 2010 he left the army and worked for a charity project delivering ambulances from London to Malawi. Since then Lev has pioneered expeditionary travel in a number of post-conflict zones and remote areas. He has worked in over eighty countries and led teams across every kind of terrain and environment.

PARAS’10 in 2015


Public take on Paras' fitness challenge

The PARAS’10 is a great way to SUPPORT OUR PARAS in 2015. Events at Colchester 4 July and Catterick 6 September. Run it or ‘tab’ the 10 miles the Para way in boots and 35lb Bergen.  Enter as an individual or Teams of 4 welcome to either run or tab –  best 3 times count.

All proceeds go to SUPPORT OUR PARAS but the real magic happens when you raise funds for us – it’s a real ‘force multiplier’.

You can of course run for your own charity choice, but we would love it if you can raise funds for us.

There’s tons for the family to do while you run; at Colchester the race will be embedded in the FREE Colchester Garrison Show, so bring all your family and friends

Sign up now at

Bricklayers Arms

‘The Bricklayers Arms Troop’

Bricklayers ArmsOn 17 September 1944, the plan devised by Montgomery to end the war by Christmas commenced, flying 35,000 US, Polish & British paratroopers 63 miles behind German lines in an attempt to capture with “thunder clap surprise” the bridges between Lommel in Belgium and Arnhem in Holland. To commemorate the 70th Anniversary,  and to SUPPORT OUR PARAS the ‘Bricklayers Arms Troop’ from Stondon Massey, Essex undertook a sponsored75-mile march in memory of the soldiers who did not return, crossing each of the nine bridges during their five day route march.

Support Our Paras Racing

Support Our Paras Racing


Ten weeks after the official launch of Infiniti Support Our Paras Racing, which will contest the Dunlop British Touring Car Championship in 2015, the first two injured Paratroopers have joined the team in full-time employment.

Former Paratroopers, ex-Colour Sergeant Darren Fuller and ex-Corporal John Price, will now be based at the team’s newly refurbished HQ at Mallory Park in Leicestershire. Both will soon be joined by a further four ex-Paratroopers, who will also be employed by the team to work on, and prepare, the two NGTC Infiniti Q50 race cars.

“We’ve said all along that one of our primary priorities is to employ injured ex-Paras in our team to prepare and run the two race cars,” team principal Derek Palmer Snr explained. “We’ve now embarked on the first phase of achieving that. All the ex-Paras who will eventually be employed by the team have been undergoing intensive training by myself and crew chief Les White. As you’d expect, all the guys are quick learners and have impressed right through the training period. Now Darren and John are employed full-time on the team, and they’ll be followed in the next few weeks by the rest of the injured ex-Paras.”

Infiniti Support Our Paras Racing is the not-for-profit team which will help raise awareness of, and funds for, SUPPORT OUR PARAS, the  official charity for The Parachute Regiment.  The latest development by the team was understandably welcomed by both Darren and John.

“After being medically discharged from the Army due to injuries, I was uncertain of what the future held for me,” John explained, “so when the opportunity arose to work full time for Infiniti Support Our Paras Racing came up it was like a dream come true. It’s made the future for me and my family secure doing a job I love.  I was a trained mechanic before I joined the Army and although race cars are a different set-up to your average normal family car, in principal it’s still a car. Being part of the BTCC team is like being part of a massive family again. As Paratroopers, that’s the way we have always felt and that camaraderie brings people together and helps when you feel it’s all going wrong. It gives you the drive to pick yourself back up and crack on and get the job done. I’m looking forward to 2015 and all the challenges the racing will bring us.”

It was a sentiment backed by Darren, who believes the team’s commitment to employ injured ex-Paratroopers sends out a strong message.

“I hope what we are doing will send a great message to all the injured ex-Parachute Regiment soldiers,” Darren said. “Not only can you still achieve great things despite your injuries, but we as a team will be out there week-to-week raising awareness and funds for the SUPPORT OUR PARAS charity, which is there to help and support our wounded, financially and otherwise for years to come. There may come a day when we all need a bit of help and support, and the SUPPORT OUR PARAS charity aims to provide this.

“I’m hoping we will raise the profile of this charity to a level where there’s not one person from the Parachute Regiment who doesn’t know where to turn if they need any support, no matter how big or small their issue is.”

The team will unveil its latest  Infiniti Support Our Paras Racing NGTC Q50, resplendent with a new eye-catching livery, at the Autosport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC.


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