PARAS’10 goes Global

2019 has seen the Ultimate 10 Mile Endurance Race travel across the world as Paratroopers take the race on tour, challenging more people to test themselves against their high standards.

Crown copyright. Photo: Corporal Andy Reddy RLC

The PARAS’10 was originally founded by WO1 JJ Wilson and was run in Aldershot from 1982 to 1993. When the PARAS left Aldershot, the event lay dormant until 2008, when it was revived by Major Sam McGrath in Catterick. In 2012 it was introduced in Colchester, the home of our Airborne Forces.

The events are organised and run by the charity with the support of the battalions and they continue to go from strength to strength.

PARAS’10 entrants in Kabul 2019

This year has already seen an event in Kabul, where 3 PARA set up and ran the event whilst on tour, raising some money for the charity. Not content with just one international race, 3 PARA have taken the event with them to The Falklands, where they are planning on holding an event this June.

The aim of the event is once again to promote and raise funds for their Regimental Charity, SUPPORT OUR PARAS and we are incredibly grateful to have their support.

To support A Coy with their Falklands race, please visit

Jonny completes 2019 London Marathon for charity

On Sunday 28 April 2019, Jonny Mortimer-Hendry joined thousands of other runners to take part in the Virgin Money London Marathon.

Except Jonny was not just another runner. Jonny is ex-PARA and he chose to run the 26.2 mile course wearing body armour weighing 22lb to raise money and awareness of Mental Health support available from SUPPORT OUR PARAS.

Jonny taking on the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019

Jonny writes, “When you go to war you take out a loan, when you return you pay it back. I joined The Parachute Regiment as an Officer, serving within all three Battalions. These included tours in Afghanistan, which I had the privilege of leading Paratroopers through an intense period of conflict. The challenge and camaraderie during this time presented a dichotomy that is hard to explain to those without similar experiences.

“I was involved in incidents that I struggled to process on return to the UK, the remedy I sought was to deploy back into the conflict zone that I’d recently left, catharsis in its most raw delivery. My first tour ended by arriving straight into Birmingham Hospital after flying back from Afghanistan with a seriously injured Paratrooper who died on landing in the UK.

“A few months later, I was back in Helmand. We were low on ammunition, surrounded by a very determined enemy and the man next to me had just been shot in the head. I remember feeling numb, I couldn’t process any more emotional responses. On returning to the UK after the last tour, I missed being away. To the credit of the Regiment’s welfare system, I started to seek help through SUPPORT OUR PARAS with processing my experiences.”

Jonny hopes that by speaking about his experiences, he will help those who are currently suffering in silence to come forward and seek help from the Regiment and the charity that are here to help them. He completed the marathon in an impressed 3h 28 and was still smiling at the finish line!

It is not too late to support Jonny’s fundraising efforts, which have now surpassed £10,000! To donate, please visit his fundraising page.

Paddy’s 650th Guinness Fitness Strength Record

On 11 May 2019, ex-PARA Paddy Doyle will be attempting his 650th career Fitness Endurance Challenge and World Record.

The challenge will include:

  • 10km Mountain Bike
  • 10km Cross Country Speed March
  • 5 minutes non-stop weight carrying solid rock 65lb 20 feet distance
  • 5 minutes non-stop step ups on a 15 inch bench carrying 40lb back pack

The four events are classed as one fitness strength challenge record.

Paddy is hoping to raise some funds for his regimental charity with his next challenge. You can support his attempt at

Paddy is a former member of 2 PARA and since leaving the regiment he has turned his athletic energy into beating strength speed stamina boxing martial arts records. His first fitness endurance record was in May 1987 and he has continued to break records since then.

Adaptive Grand Slam take on Mount Everest

A team of adventurers are attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest. What makes them special? They are each disabled in one way or another.

The Adaptive Grand Slam team are attempting to become the first disabled team to climb the 7 highest peaks in the World as well as reaching the North and South Poles. They have learnt to climb using modified techniques and equipment in order to take on the world’s most challenging mountains.

The Everest team first attempted to reach the summit in 2012 with Walking With The Wounded. Disappointingly the expedition was called off due to bad weather and extreme danger on the slopes but the team are hopeful of better conditions this April 2019.

Two of the Everest team are ex-PARAS Martin Hewitt and Terry Byrne who were both wounded on operations in Afghanistan whilst serving with The Parachute Regiment.

The team is hoping to raise £1 for every metre the mountain is high and would love to have your support on their journey. To support them, please visit

The team’s camp when they climbed Mount Aconcagua in January 2017

2 PARA win Commando Speed March 2019

A team of serving Paratroopers from 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, have won the Commando Speed March 2019.

This event is open only to serving soldiers and tests them over the course that prospective Commandos would have to complete.

The origins of the Spean Bridge Commando Speed March can be dated back to 1940, then however, this test was the first hurdle for would-be volunteers for Commando Training at Achnacarry House (Castle Commando) having just transited by rail for fourteen hours.

On arrival at Spean Bridge Station, the prospective Commandos would load kit bags onto a waiting truck and, under the lead of the staff, would then under take the 6.9 miles at the double, carrying battle order and rifle (weight 36lbs) to the grounds of Achnacarry House.

During 1996, it was decided to reconstruct the original World War II Commando speed march to raise funds for the Commando Benevolent Fund and SUPPORT OUR PARAS as well as other charities. This has now become an established annual event attracting over 300 entrants a year.

The 2 PARA team are raising money for us, their Regimental charity, by competing in a few events this year. To support them, please visit

The Parachute Regiment Charity