Grandads of the Atlantic

The Grandads of the Atlantic have done it! They have rowed across the Atlantic and become WORLD RECORD holders as the oldest pair to row any ocean!

Neil & Peter, the oldest pair to row the Atlantic – photo by Ted Martin Photography

Neil and Peter crossed the finish line of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge on 13 February 2019 after being at sea for 63 days.

The pair of ex-PARAS said they had enjoyed the experience and were grateful to Pegasus (their boat) for looking after them so well and not capsizing them once.

During the crossing, they were lucky enough to see some incredible sights, including whales under the boat and a plucky seagull that befriended them, staying on the boat for a good 8 hours before flying off again. Airborne!

Neil & Peter were met at the finish line by their friends and family looking slightly thinner, very tanned and sporting some impressive beards!

Photo by Ted Martin Photography

Their fundraising page has now got over £30,000 for their three chosen charities – RBLI, Dreams Come True and SUPPORT OUR PARAS, with money still coming in from supporters. You can click here to sponsor them.

We are incredibly proud of these two former Paras, proving that age is just a number and that Paras really are ‘Ready for Anything’! Utrinque Paratus.

Grandads of the Atlantic

On 12 December, the Grandads of the Atlantic set off on their World Record Attempt to cross the Atlantic as part of The Talisker Atlantic Challenge.

Peter and Neil, former Officers in The Parachute Regiment, set off on 12 December from La Gomera in a race that will see them cross the Atlantic ocean before finally arriving in Antigua to cross the finish line.

They are hoping to set a new World Record as the oldest pair to row across the Atlantic with a combined age of 123!

Our Grandads have taken on this epic challenge to raise money for three charities; Royal British Legion Industries, Dreams Come True and Support Our Paras. We are honoured to have been chosen and have enjoyed supporting them through their training journey towards the start line for the past year.

They have set themselves an ambitious fundraising target and have done incredibly well so far, but could still use your help. Please visit to wish them luck and support them on this amazing challenge.

Grandad Peter and Grandad Neil

For updates on their journey and to find out how they are getting on, as well as information about how to track them during the race, please follow them on:


Saville Inquiry

Saville Inquiry Facebook Post

A number of people have recently shared a post which the Regiment put out in 2015 when one of our veterans who was named by the Saville Inquiry was interviewed under caution by the PSNI in NI.

This is an old post and unfortunately it is causing some confusion and additional stress to those caught up in the inquiry.  Could we please ask you not to share this post

Are veterans to be prosecuted as a result of the Saville Report?

A decision whether to proceed with an investigation with intent to prosecute those named in the Saville Inquiry has yet to be made.  The Public Prosecutions Service was due to make a decision late this summer, but until now has not done so and we continue to wait.  In the meantime, RHQ PARA have written to those involved offering welfare and pastoral support.  If you are involved, or know someone who is involved, who hasn’t heard from us could you please let me know.  Contact details below.

If you have been affected by the current NI investigations or you know someone who is, please contact:

Lt Col (Retd) Paul Rodgers
NI Legacy Officer
Merville Barracks
Tel: Mil: 94660 7072 or Civ: 01206 817072
email: or

Also look at this website which has been designed both to inform and to assist veterans of the UK Armed Forces when facing interview, investigation or prosecution as a result of operational duty during their term of service. Look particularly at the section ‘Practical advice’

Grants for Veterans – 2019 Commemorations

The Airborne Forces Security Fund is again making grants available to veterans to assist with the cost of their commemorative trips in 2019.

Assistance is available for trips to The Rhine Crossing, Normandy and Arnhem in 2019. The grant per trip is £480 for a veteran, £480 for his wife or partner and £480 if a carer is needed. The maximum grant is therefore £1,440.

Please complete the relevant application form below and return, together with a copy of your travel documents e.g. ferry or hotel booking, to:

Robert Airey
Merville Barracks

For all enquiries please contact:

2019 Rhine Crossing reimbursement Application
2019 Normandy Reimbursement Application
2019 Arnhem Reimbursement Application

The Parachute Regiment Charity