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With a gift in your Will you can continue to help us support the Parachute Regiment & Airborne forces after you are gone. Your donations can have a huge impact on the vital work we do in supporting serving soldiers, veterans and their families.

Ensure your wishes are carried out after your death

As many as one in five people in the UK die without making a Will; many mistakenly think they do not own enough property or cash to need one. But making a Will is the only way to ensure that whatever you own is distributed according to your wishes. Indeed, without a Will your family may be faced with sorting out complicated legal matters at an already distressing time. You can make a Will at any age or time, not just when you are putting your affairs in order.

Your first priority in your Will must be to your family. Once you have taken care of close family, you might consider leaving a little to help our Charity. By doing so, you assist the well-being of the Regimental and Airborne family, and the memory of our soldiers for years to come.

How can I leave a gift in my Will?

We strongly recommend that you use a solicitor to help make or amend your Will. A solicitor will ensure that your wishes are practicable and will be carried out. This need not entail a whole new Will; you can simply make a brief addition – known as a Codicil – to include us in your existing Will. There are three main types of legacy:

  • Residuary Legacy – This is the gift of the remainder of your estate (or a percentage of the remainder) after all other gifts to family and friends have been distributed and all outgoings have been dealt with. If you are generous enough to leave your entire estate to one Charity this is also known as a Residuary Legacy.
  • Cash (or Pecuniary) Legacy – This is a fixed sum of money specified by you.
  • Specific Legacy – This is a specific named item (or items) of value that you leave in your Will. It could be a house, property, life insurance, shares, a painting or even a classic car!

Contact Us

Making a Will is private and personal, but it helps us to know if you plan to leave us a legacy. You do not have to tell us but it is greatly appreciated if you can. That way we can show our appreciation for your generosity, avoid sending inappropriate communications, and can plan for the future. All information is in the strictest confidence. Please email us at