Grandads of the Atlantic

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The WORLD RECORD Grandads of the Atlantic. Photo by Ted Martin Photography

The Grandads of the Atlantic have done it! They have rowed across the Atlantic and become WORLD RECORD holders as the oldest pair to row any ocean!

Neil & Peter, the oldest pair to row the Atlantic – photo by Ted Martin Photography

Neil and Peter crossed the finish line of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge on 13 February 2019 after being at sea for 63 days.

The pair of ex-PARAS said they had enjoyed the experience and were grateful to Pegasus (their boat) for looking after them so well and not capsizing them once.

During the crossing, they were lucky enough to see some incredible sights, including whales under the boat and a plucky seagull that befriended them, staying on the boat for a good 8 hours before flying off again. Airborne!

Neil & Peter were met at the finish line by their friends and family looking slightly thinner, very tanned and sporting some impressive beards!

Photo by Ted Martin Photography

Their fundraising page has now got over £30,000 for their three chosen charities – RBLI, Dreams Come True and SUPPORT OUR PARAS, with money still coming in from supporters. You can click here to sponsor them.

We are incredibly proud of these two former Paras, proving that age is just a number and that Paras really are ‘Ready for Anything’! Utrinque Paratus.

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