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At just 24 years old, paratrooper Jon became C4 tetraplegic, with no movement from his neck down, following a road traffic accident. His dreams of joining the SAS and having a full military career like his father, uncle and grandfather were taken away. But now there is a chance for him to lead a more independent life, thanks to a ‘Jaco’ robot arm.

At 16 years old, Jon started his training to become a Paratrooper. He was Champion Recruit at his passing out and joined C Coy 3PARA. In 2003, he did a tour of Iraq. His intention was to join Sniper Company and try for SAS selection.

Jon has no movement below his neck and controls his daily life through a chin-operated joystick on his electric wheelchair

However, in 2003, Jon suffered a catastrophic injury in a Road Traffic Accident and has been C4 tetraplegic ever since: no movement from his neck down; for 18 years, his sole but limited control of his daily life has been through a chin-operated joystick on his electric wheelchair; worlds away from the SAS Sniper life he was working towards.

Jon wants what all of us want, a more active and meaningful life and to be able to make an active contribution to society. He has recently enrolled in an Open University course as a start point. However, his tetraplegia has presented new obstacles even to online learning, as well as daily living.

His family recently became aware of a ‘Jaco’ robotic arm, which could radically transform Jon’s life by allowing him independence and the ability to complete tasks that able-bodied people take for granted, like eating, switching on lights, scratching your own itches and taking a selfie!

A ‘Jaco’ arm would radically improve Jon’s quality of life

As you might expect, this tech doesn’t come cheap. This is where we need your help.

Jon is one of our own and family take care of each other. But there may be other brothers out there who one day may need the same help. Your donations will support Jon and others like him.

Visit to help us reach our target.

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