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PARAS’10 Catterick

This year marks the 10th PARAS’10 race at Catterick.  Over the years, we have had over 10,000 people race at Catterick, over the course that our Paras must TAB during training before earning their maroon beret.

The Catterick course is the same one that recruits must TAB, with a 35lb bergan plus helmet and weapon, in under 1h 50 in order to be worthy of a maroon beret worn by The Parachute Regiment.

PARAS’10 is open to anyone over the age of 16 and entrants can run or TAB the course.  We also have a Canicross option for those who like to race with their dogs!

For more information, please visit

100 Peaks Challenge

On the 23rd May 2017 a Challenge Team embarked on a life defining journey. Their Goal was Simple, the Task, Monumental, the Reason, Inspirational.

Karl Rushen, long time supporter of SUPPORT OUR PARAS, founded The 100 Peaks Challenge a few years ago in memory of his brother Lloyd (Lloydy) who was KIA in Afghanistan 2011.

The Challenge started at Inverness in Scotland, on the 23.05.17, (the day Lloydy deployed on his last tour) and finished on Pen Y Fan on 16.06.17 (the day he was killed).

The Challenge was to run 100 Peaks in the UK, all above 610m (2000ft) – approx. 45 in Scotland, 25 in England (The Lake District), 1 on the Isle of Man and 29 in Wales (Snowdonia & The Brecon Beacons). The team began in Scotland, before heading across to the Isle of Man, crossing the Irish Sea in sea kayaks. They then crossed the Irish Sea for a second time back to the Isle of Whithorn to then cycle on to the Lakes. The final leg in Wales began in Snowdonia and culminated with cycling from Capel Curig to the Brecon Beacons finishing with the ‘Fan Dance’ at the Summit of Pen Y Fan.

The Challenge was a genuine attempt at something quite epic. It encompassed three disciplines that are demanding enough on their own, but are then thrown together in an extreme triathlon. This, with the logistics of attempting to summit 100 Peaks in 4 countries in 25 days, meant it was a first.

The 100 Peaks Challenge is raising money for SUPPORT OUR PARAS and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.  You can still donate to Karl and his team, please visit their fundraising page.

The Parachute Regiment at Inferno

This summer, a team of 4 Paras will take part in the Inferno Half Marathon in Switzerland. The team are raising money for SUPPORT OUR PARAS and The Alexander Fairey Memorial Fund (AFMF).

At 10.15am on 19th August 2017, the team from The Parachute Regiment will cross the start line in its attempt to complete the Inferno Half Marathon. The route is 13.1 miles long with a gain of 2,175m and must be completed in no more than 4 Hours and 15 minutes. Starting from Lauterbrunnen, 795m the course gains height as it winds its way through the Swiss Alpine villages finishing at the top of the iconic Schilthorn mountain, 2,970m. To make things that more challenging for the team, they will complete the course each carrying a bergen weighing 44lbs, a test of true airborne grit and determination; embodying the Regimental Ethos.

The AFMF was created in memory of Alexander Fairey, a Captain in the Parachute Regiment who served in both 2 and 3 PARA conducting operations in Northern Ireland and training for arctic warfare in Northern Norway. The aim of The Alexander Fairey Memorial Fund (AFMF) is to assist young soldiers and officers from both his former Regiments. The fund extends its reach to young people from Hampshire and the Test Valley in particular to pursue and benefit from the same challenging and character-building activities that Alex enjoyed so much. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Alex’s passing, making the event even more poignant.

The Inferno Half Marathon race embodies the adventurous, airborne spirit which both SUPORT OUR PARAS and AFMF seeks to promote. To support the Inferno team, please visit

Operation Corporate 2017

A team of guys from The Bricklayers Arms in Stondon Massey are off to The Falklands to attempt a walk from Port San Carlos to Port Stanley to raise money for SUPPORT OUR PARAS.

The team is led by LCpl Steve Harnden who was with 3 PARA during the Falklands War. Steve was shot and injured at Mt Longdon and never made it to Port Stanley, but this time he will make it.

The team consists of 5 walkers and 2 support team, and each guy will carry everything they need for the 4 day walk, including all camping supplies to pitch their accommodation for the nights.

Show Steve and the team your support by visiting their fundraising page at

Team Breya

On 13 January 2017, 2 year old Breya Ward, daughter of Sgt Ollie Ward and Holly Robinson, was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. This very rare and aggressive cancer affects children under the age of 6 and it has grown on Breya’s adrenal gland and consumed her whole stomach; it has also spread to her bones and bone marrow.

Breya is currently undergoing a very intense type of Chemotherapy which will last over 18-20 months as her tumour is currently inoperable.

Devastatingly, 50% of stage 4 Neuroblastoma patients will relapse within 2 years. If this happens, the UK and the NHS does not currently have any treatments or pathways for curing this. This means, that in the case of the cancer returning, the only option Breya has is to travel to the USA for new trial therapies which could save her life. This treatment would cost somewhere in the region of £250,000.

SUPPORT OUR PARAS are appealing to supporters to help raise the necessary funds to support Breya’s treatment. A designated fund will be set up within the charity where all money raised will be held for a period of years so Breya can access the medical treatment she may need in this time. If for any reason the funds raised are in excess of what is required, they will convert into unrestricted funds that SUPPORT OUR PARAS will use to support other Paras and their families.

Please visit to donate towards the Team Breya fund. An amount of money has already been raised on a personal fundraising page, but there is still a long way to go to reach the target amount.  Donations made through the charity mean we can claim Gift Aid and give that little bit extra towards the cause.  If you are organising an event, please contact the Charity Secretary, Natalie, for help and advice on