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Ex Pegasus Crossing

In August 2019, two Officers from 2 PARA completed an endurance triathlon over three days to raise money for Support Our Paras.

Jamie and Matt, both Captains, wanted to recognise the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy landings and raise money for their regimental charity in doing so.

The event involved:

  • 21-mile relay swim across the English Channel.
  • 150-mile bike from Calais to Bruneval (the scene of the first airborne raid).
  • 50-mile TAB from Bruneval to Pegasus Bridge (the first objective to be seized on D-Day in 1944).
Matt & Jamie during their training

The event was quite a challenge but they both reached the finish line in true PARA fashion, raising a great amount for the charity in the process.

Ex Enduring Heritage

3 PARA returned from Ex SWIFT RESPONSE in July where they were working alongside their French and American counterparts in Croatia. However, a small team from C Coy have chose to take the long route home and tabbed 500 miles back across Europe.

The Enduring Heritage team on Day 1 of their challenge

Exercise Enduring Heritage was the brainchild of OC C Coy, Maj Andrew Fox, and involved a team of guys conducting a weighted march from Arnhem to Normandy, two places that are very significant to the history of The Parachute Regiment, in order to raise money for the regimental charity, Support Our Paras. You can sponsor them here

We are pleased to report that just after lunch on 18 July, after 20 solid days tabbing, the team crossed the finish line at Pegasus Bridge!

The guys were joined along the way by superstar DJ and ex-PARA, Danny Rampling, for 75 miles of their epic journey. Danny has been a huge supporter of the charity over the years and regularly joins us for PARAS’10. Professional MMA fighter and Police Officer, Kerry Hughes also joined the team and crossed the finish line with them on 18 July.

To catch up with the team’s journey and see the highlights of their challenge, check out Maj Fox on Twitter at

PARAS’10 Falklands

Merville Barracks is rather quiet at the moment as the majority of 3 PARA are away on exercise in a variety of locations. One of those locations is The Falkland Islands, where A Coy deployed almost two months ago.

Not content with just going on exercise, A Coy decided they wanted to take PARAS’10 back to the Falklands, two years after the inaugural race when 3 PARA were last out there in 2017.

At the end of June, A Coy held their own PARAS’10 with finisher t-shirts and medals like every other race, and raising money for their Regimental Charity. You can sponsor them here

Tabbing through the snow – A Coy 3 PARA during the PARAS’10 Falklands 2019

Their aim was to raise £5,000 which will go towards supporting their brothers and their families when they are in times of need, but they need your help to make that target a reality.

This event was the second international PARAS’10 this year and the third 2019 race. The first was held in Kabul, where 3 PARA were deployed earlier this year and the second was our regular Colchester event, which saw record numbers attend.

If you’d like to test yourself against The Parachute Regiment standards, you can join us at our Catterick event this September. For more information or to sign up, please visit

Peggy Paddle 75

Two brothers, David and Colin Richardson, both former members of The Parachute Regiment, paddled their boat, a WW2 copy folding kayak (TONGA TWO), 100NM from Portsmouth Harbour to Pegasus Bridge, Benouville, Normandy on 05-06 June 2019,  in support of The Parachute Regiment Charity. You can support them here  

Having served in the 1st and 2nd Battalions around the globe, often in the same operational theatre at the same time, the Richardson Brothers wanted to to continue to contribute to the wider Parachute Regiment family, ensuring that those members and their families affected by recent and not so recent operations can continue to get the vital support they require and deserve. 

Small fish in a big pond

Colin & David set off at 0400 from Portsmouth Harbour on 5 June 2019 with their 6 man support crew getting ready for the journey ahead.

Their support boat SEALEGS IV and rescue zodiac were manned by ardent mariners who were all up for the challenge of supporting these brothers on their challenge.

Colin said, “The people of Normandy have pulled out all the stops to assist us and Madame Arlette Gondree has marshalled support from the Mayor of Benouville and the Harbour Master and his team at Ouistreham.”

Back on dry land, the brothers enjoy a well deserved drink after their epic row

We are pleased to report that Colin & David made it to Pegasus Bridge at 1201hrs on 6 June, having completed the crossing in just 30hrs 27mins.

A huge well done from the team at SUPPORT OUR PARAS!