Airborne Hamper Appeal 2023

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Royal Hospital Chelsea – In-Pensioners, Receive their – Christmas Grants from the RHQ Parachute Regiment staff, Julia Weymouth and Lisa Stapleton. PARA In- Pensioners, Tom Metcalfe aged 82, Roger Chapman aged 86 and Charlie Farley, aged 71 (with beard), were delighted to receive their hampers from representatives of the Regiment, the PRA and Support Our Paras. Pics- Richard Watt

Christmas is a time of giving and for SUPPORT OUR PARAS, this means the gift of festive cheer.

Every Christmas it has become a tradition for our charity to send a hamper to our veterans in need. These veterans are our Airborne brothers who may have previously been homeless, suffering with their mental health, are lonely and isolated or indeed suffering financially and in need of some support at this time of year.

Every hamper recipient is nominated by local Parachute Regimental Association branches and they include veterans of all ages, as well as a number of Chelsea Pensioners.

In 2022, the charity sent out 402 hampers, spending a total of £34,000. They are packed full of tinned food, biscuits, tea and coffee and many other things to help our veterans enjoy the Christmas period.

“I would like to say a very big thank you for the unexpected and extremely acceptable gift which you sent to me for Christmas. This hamper will sustain me for quite some time. It not only helps financially but also socially as I need not go shopping as much in this bitter weather, because at 92 years of age I find the cold harder to deal with. Words cannot really explain my gratitude”.

If you would like to contribute towards sending these wonderful gifts, please visit our Appeal page at Airborne Hamper Appeal 2023.

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