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PEGASUS V, 90TH, Birthday visit to General Sir Geoffrey HOWLETT KBE MC The Regimental Headquarters of The Parachute Regiment, based in Colchester, deployed their Shetland pony mascot, ‘Pegasus V’ (today 5 Feb) on a surprise visit to bring ninetieth birthday wishes to General Sir Geoffrey Howlett KBE MC, at his retirement home in Dorset. Pegasus V , known a ‘Peggy’ , arrived with his handler, Pony Major Lance Corporal Jamie Richards of the Parachute Regiment. General Howlett, who served as CO 2 PARA in the 1970’s, Commander of 16 Parachute Brigade, Commandant at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and finally Colonel Commandant of The Parachute Regiment in 1983 – 1990. Accompanying Pegasus was his old friend General Sir Mike Jackson. General Howlett said, ‘ that he was delighted to see old friends, including Peggy,’ who he not met before. Pic- RICHARD WATT

The Parachute Regiment is proud of its Shetland pony mascots, Pegasus and Bruneval. Pegasus, named after the mythical winged horse, symbol of British Airborne Forces since 1942, is the fifth pony to carry the name. He stars alone on parade in his livery but ponies like company at home, so Bruneval named after one of the Regiments World War Two battle honours – is his companion and a reserve if he is taken ill. Bruneval is also the naughtier of the two!

Mascots need a good temperament for parades as they will meet many people, hear shouting and noise, including military vehicles, planes and helicopters. Pegasus V has met anyone from HRH Prince Charles, to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and TV stars Ant and Dec.

Our pony mascots cost about £10,000 a year for food, stabling, shoes, tack, travel and vet bills. This funding comes from our charity Support our Paras (Registered Charity 1131977), which also looks after our wounded soldiers, veterans, widows and families in need and distress. This is where you can help us.

For just £35 you can donate to adopt Pegasus, helping with his feed and bills. Through your generosity to the ponies we can give more assistance to our soldiers and families. In return we will send you an Adoption Pack. Full details can be found at Adopt a Parachute Regiment Pony Mascot – JustGiving

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