Adaptive Grand Slam take on Mount Everest

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A team of adventurers are attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest. What makes them special? They are each disabled in one way or another.

The Adaptive Grand Slam team are attempting to become the first disabled team to climb the 7 highest peaks in the World as well as reaching the North and South Poles. They have learnt to climb using modified techniques and equipment in order to take on the world’s most challenging mountains.

The Everest team first attempted to reach the summit in 2012 with Walking With The Wounded. Disappointingly the expedition was called off due to bad weather and extreme danger on the slopes but the team are hopeful of better conditions this April 2019.

Two of the Everest team are ex-PARAS Martin Hewitt and Terry Byrne who were both wounded on operations in Afghanistan whilst serving with The Parachute Regiment.

The team is hoping to raise £1 for every metre the mountain is high and would love to have your support on their journey. To support them, please visit

The team’s camp when they climbed Mount Aconcagua in January 2017

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