Aconcagua Challenge

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In January 2017, they will attempt Mt Aconcagua, Argentina, the highest peak in the Western and Southern Hemisphere.  The AGS team will need to acclimatise and climb with high quality protective kit as their injuries will be hypersensitive in such adverse conditions.


The team is made up of 13 individuals, three of whom are ex-PARAS wounded and disabled in Afghanistan.  The team has already walked to the North Pole and climbed Mt McKinley, Mt Elbrus and Mt Kilimanjaro.  Read more about them below.

martin-summit-5Martin Hewitt
Martin is a former PARA Captain who was injured whilst leading his men in combat in Afghanistan.  The injuries paralysed his right arm and ended his military career.  Since leaving the army, Martin has represented GB in Paralympic World Championships Downhill Ski racing and in 2011, he walked unsupported to the geographic North Pole with HRH Prince Harry as part of the Walking with the Wounded team.

Martin founded the Adaptive Grand Slam project and in 2012, his team climbed Mt Manaslu, Mt McKinley and Mt Everest.

jaco-summit-1Jaco van Gass
South African born Jaco was severely wounded during his second tour of Afghanistan when he was hit by an RPG during an intense fire fight.  He sustained numerous injuries including the loss of his left arm at the elbow, blast wounds to upper thigh, a fractured knee, shrapnel wounds and a collapsed lung.  After 11 operations and intense rehab, Jaco has been challenging himself by completing marathons all over the world and raising money for various charities.  In 2011, he trekked unsupported to the North Pole and broke a few world records in the process.  Later that year, Jaco became the first South African to conquer Mt Manaslu.

img_1488Terry Byrne
Terry completed two tours of Iraq before being injured in August 2008, when he sustained a below knee amputation of his right leg and a damaged right hand and amputated little finger.  He was the fastest ever amputee to be discharged, leaving hospital after just 4 months.  Since his injury, Terry joined the GB cycling team, obtaining two world records and winning the word championship for the team sprint.  Terry joined the Adaptive Grand Slam team in 2012 and is a core team member, providing essential experience and continuity to new members.

The team are hoping to raise some money for SUPPORT OUR PARAS.  Their target is £6,961 – one pound for every metre the mountain is high.  Show them your support by visiting their fundraising page.

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