Maintaining the rich history & heritage of The Parachute Regiment

An important part of our work is honouring our fallen brothers and remembering the conflicts they fought in. SUPPORT OUR PARAS works closely with Regimental Headquarters of The Parachute Regiment and provides the funding for many important Regimental events, such as commemorations and celebrations, where old comrades of past wars can both gather together and also mix with the young serving paratroopers of today.

The annual pilgrimages to Normandy and Arnhem, which honour and remember our Airborne soldiers and pay tribute to the sacrifices that they made there, are fully funded by the charity. These events enable British Paras to visit and host important commemorative events, alongside our French and Dutch counterparts, in these significant places in Regimental history. They also provide an opportunity for our Airborne veterans to return and remember their fallen comrades, keeping their memory alive for future generations.

We also work together with The Parachute Regimental Association to fund and host remembrance events for Next of Kin (NOK) closer to home in the UK. As well as a service of Remembrance held in November in London, the charity also jointly funds an annual commemoration at The National Memorial Arboretum every July.

The Airborne Assault Museum traces the history and development of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces from their inception in World War 2 right up to the present day, culminating in providing an insight into how and why today’s highly trained paratroopers are now at the heart of 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team, the British Army’s flagship rapid response force.

SUPPORT OUR PARAS provides an annual grant to the museum to enable them to continue to preserve this heritage. The highly trained curatorial staff, along with some dedicated volunteers, are always happy to welcome people to the museum, which is situated within the Airspace Hanger of the Imperial War Museum Duxford. They also maintain ParaData, a living history of The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.

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